The majority of our plant material (over 75%) comes from growers and farmers within a 250 mile radius.

We personally select our plants to offer a wide variety for all your needs. Come see our quality.

Plus, we can special order certain plants or quantities, as available, just ask.


  • The most popular way to add color and energy to your yard.
  • Generally, these flowers bring a colorful display to your yard for one season.
  • Planting annuals in pots is a great way to decorate the porch, front steps, patio, or even in the flower bed.


  • Generally planted in the yard, these plants will come back year after year.
  • Some established perennials will grow and spread each year.
  • Won’t you feel like a green-thumb genius when your perennials rise up from the ground each spring.


  • Plant just one or a whole row.
  • Ask for flowering shrubs to create a beautiful backdrop to your home.
  • For proper spacing, check the shrub’s mature size and plant accordingly.


  • A small ornamental tree can add a nice touch to a bed close to your home.
  • When choosing a tree, think about how it will look after several years.
  • If considering a large shade tree, be careful to plant it where it has the necessary room to grow.

House Plants

  • Select the right plant and pot that fits your style.
  • Experience the fun of seeing new leaves and growth in your plant.
  • There is such a wide variety, you will surely find a plant suited for the conditions in your home.

Herbs & Veggies

  • Grow your own vegetables!  We stock the right soils, accessories and fertilizers to help you grow it right.
  • Tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, squash…and more!
  • We feature a wide variety of herbs and vegetables for your kitchen.

Check out our seasonal offerings


  • Our growers bring us some of the biggest and most colorful mums you will see.
  • Fall planters are a fun and colorful way to decorate your home.
  • Check out the bright and colorful accents we have to make your fall planters.


  • From small decorators to giant carving size.
  • Make your home a fall showplace with pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks and gourds.
  • Pumpkins are a great accent for fall planters.

Christmas Trees

  • We ship in the freshest trees available to last well through the holidays.
  • Custom wreaths, decorated to your style.
  • Garland and other decor to make the holidays your own.