A little bit about us...

We believe in doing things we will be proud of.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that the plants we sell will be in good health when you leave our store.  If you get home and find a problem, simply bring it back and let us look at it together.  If we find something wrong, we will make it right.  Beyond the initial purchase, we are not able to provide further guarantees due to the following:

1. Soil Condition: Some plants require a light, sandy soil, while others do better in heavy clay.  If you try to put a plant in the wrong soil, it will not grow well and will likely die.

2. Light Condition:  When someone says they need a plant for their yard, our first question is always “will it be in the sun or shade?”  If you place a shade plant in full sun, it will likely burn up and die.  Please ask us what light condition is best for a certain plant and lets discuss just how much sun or shade the plant will get.

3. Watering Condition:  New landscape plants will generally need frequent watering for at least the first couple of weeks in order to get established.  If you take a plant home, plant it, and never water, please don’t ask for a free replacement.

4.  Other General Conditions:  Has plant after plant died in one certain spot in your yard?  You may need to have the soil tested.  Are you planting next to a driveway or sidewalk?  If so, be careful applying ice-melt, as the salts will kill plants.  Are deer and/or rabbits frequent visitors to your yard?  They like fresh tender plant leaves and we will not be able to replace plants that get eaten by these visitors.

Check out our team:

Cara Mullen & Craig Fischman

Cara was first inspired to working with plants by her grandmother, with whom she spent a number of hours helping tend to her gardens.  Cara received her bachelors degree in biology from Indiana University, which has served as a base of knowledge for her plant science interest.  She remains equally adept behind the microscope, as digging in the dirt.  Her love for education led to obtaining a horticulture degree from Johnson County Community College.  While working toward her degree, Cara founded Flower Garden Transformations LLC, a Kansas City certified minority business, specializing in landscape design and installation.

Previously, Craig enjoyed a career in commercial real estate and banking for over 25 years.  Craig’s knowledge and interest in plants began while working as a commercial property manager, during which time, he held the prestigious Certified Property Manager designation for 10 years.

Cody Noyes

Cody is one of our growers providing our herb and vegetable plants.  In the off-season, Cody is a chef and server for one of Kansas City’s most prestigious catering companies.  As a grower and a chef, Cody has a unique perspective into the herbs and vegetable plants.


Angelo Casa

It was over 3 decades ago that Angelo and his wife Mary started Angelo’s Nursery on this site.  Angelo’s love for plants and people made his nursery the place to go for quality and service.  Although now retired, Angelo still frequents the greenhouse to catch up with long-time customers and spend time with the plants (he even told us he sees plants in his dreams).  We have been honored to continue the business in Angelo’s footsteps.